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  • Our most versatile, popular, best selling product!
  • Anti-aging healthy hair treatment, used as a daily leave-in conditioner & detangling spray.
  •  Spray on damp or dry hair throughout midstrand & ends before detangeling hair.
  • Great for extensions, reviving curls & kids messy bed heads to smooth, soften & hydrate hair.
  • Prevents damage, strengthens fragile hair, adds shine, softness & silkiness.
  • Protects hair from pool chemicals (chlorine) & heat damage from the sun & thermal styling tools. 

Infused with: deionized water, antistatic agent, pea protein, sunscreen.
   - Seals color & smooths frizz
   - Repairs damage
   - Prevents split ends
   - Moisturizes dry hair
   - Strengthens fragile hair
   - Prevents flat iron damage
   - Prevents pool and sun damage
   - Adds shine, softness, and silkiness
   - Protects from blow drying dry out
   - Improves texture and manageability

Elixir Leave-In Treatment 5 oz.

SKU: 21554345656