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Essential minerals in the Making Waves Beach Spray creates the effortless look of naturally tousled hair much like after taking a dip in the ocean.
•    Activates curl on straight or slightly wavy hair
•    Lightweight with humidity blocking agents & sunscreen to protect hair
•    Adds texture to thin, fine hair creating the feeling & look of volume
•    Great for reactivating and boosting 2nd day styles
All PureJoy hair products are made in the USA & naturally based.

Beach Wave Spray 6 oz.

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Mist roots to ends of damp hair with beach spray & scrunch upwards from ends to roots to encourage natural waves in the hair. Feel free to let your hair air dry to create the tousled beach wave look. For added volume & texture, mist on damp hair & blow dry into the hair. 

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